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Upword is a not-for-profit knowledge platform for inquiring minds. We produce well-researched content in the form of short videos that articulate a coherent response to the major challenges faced by the planet. The content is presented by reputed domain experts, scholars and researchers.





How India became poor

How India – the richest civilisation throughout the documented history of the world, became poor in the last few centuries? In this eye-opening video, Dr. Raj Vedam, Director of Indian History Awareness and Research, walks us through a disheartening phase of Indian history.

Why the Ram Temple at Ayodhya must be built ( अयोध्या में राम मंदिर क्यों बनना चाहिए )

Is the Shri Ram Mandir at Ayodhya a case of ‘Land Dispute’ or does it relate to wider civilizational aspirations and national ideals? What were the real motives of Babur when he destroyed the temple in 1528 CE? How have the communist intellectuals played the devil with the peaceful resolution of the issue? Why should we ask political parties to resolve the issue through a legislation? Shri Bharat Gupt, former professor at Delhi University, explains the case for Shri Ram Mandir in this short yet succinct video.

Not all exclusion is discrimination: Revisiting Sabarimala

Shilpa Nair, one of the leading voices behind the #readytowait campaign, which articulates the sentiments of millions of women devotees of Lord Ayyappa, lucidly explains the position of devotees in the controversy over the recent verdict that allows women inside the shrine. She challenges the unthinking imposition of modern dogmas on a tradition that has nothing to do with them.

Is the Indian state really secular?

Secularism demands that the Government of India and its various arms maintain an equal distance from all religions. However, in practice, the state actively favours a set of religions at the expense of one. This practice has its roots in the Constitution of India, specifically in the articles 26 to 30, the source of anti-Hindu bias of the Indian state. Kanu Agrawal, a young advocate at the Supreme Court of India, provides a forceful critique of these articles in this video.

Marxist Treason in India (मार्क्सवादियों का देशद्रोह)

Communism in India has had a strange history. The ideology never captured the imagination of Indians unlike it did in some other countries. Yet communists have wielded a great influence on the public discourse in India by infiltrating educational institutions. Here Dr. Shankar Sharan provides a brief history of communism in India titled ‘Marxist treason in India’.

Set India’s temples free

J. Sai Deepak, the legal mentor of the Indic Collective Trust, makes a fervent appeal for the autonomy of Hindu temples that have been taken over by the Indian State.

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